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Experienced diagnosis & treatment of diseases, conditions & syndromes of the Foot & Ankle

At Fredericksburg Foot and Ankle Center, we use the latest, state of the art technology including digital x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, and digital scanning for custom orthotics all archived digitally in an electronic medical record. These devices and techniques help generate better results for our patients by helping us quickly diagnose and treat your foot and ankle problems. Our investment in advanced technology ensures that you will receive the best foot and ankle medical care for your family.

Our Foot & Ankle Doctors are Experts in Clinical & Surgical Diagnosis & Treatment

for all medical problems, injuries & conditions of the foot & ankle

​Surgi-Center of Central Virginia

HCA Spotsylvania Medical Center

Fredericksburg Ambulatory Surgery Center

Mary Washington Hospital


  • achilles tendon rupture (tear)

  • ankle fractures

  • ankle sprains

  • ankle arthroscopy

  • ankle reconstruction

  • achilles tendonitis

  • arthritis of the foot & ankle

  • adult (acquired) flat foot

  • athlete's foot fungus

  • bunions

  • bunionectomy

  • calcaneous (heel bone) fractures

  • clubfoot

  • claw toe

  • corns

  • custom orthotics

  • dermatological biopsy

  • endoscopic gastrocnemius recession

  • endoscopic plantar fascia release


  • diabetic (charcot) foot

  • flexible flatfoot in children

  • hammer toe

  • heel pain 

  • ingrown toenail

  • intoeing

  • lisfranc (midfoot) injury

  • Morton's neuroma

  • nail fungus

  • peroneal (ankle) tendonitis

  • plantar fasciitis and bone spurs

  • posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

  • sesamoiditis

  • stiff big toe (hallus rigidus)

  • stress fractures of the foot and ankle

  • talus fractures

  • turf toe

  • veritical talus

  • wart removal

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